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The Return of Australia’s Biggest Online FIFA Comp! “The Turtle Beach Australian Premier League.”

The Australian Premier League returns with a bang with the new season starting today 13th of May.

That’s right, it’s that time again when the best FIFA clubs in the country battle it out in that digital playground known as the Turtle Beach Australian Premier League (APL).

The Xbox league reaches its 12th fantastic season, with reigning champions Magicians making little changes to their line up. Will they take on all new comers and defend their title by season end, or will Scafarro’s new look United Kings get revenge for last season?

The APL officials, led by Dave Muir (xbox) have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to tune and trial the new rule changes that will be unleashed this season.

The PS3 league with Syrian at the helm moves into its 6th season. Team Wrecking Crew looks to strengthen their side as they hold off other top billed contenders in the form of Elite Anzacs and Tequila Sunrise.

Now that the APL is powered by our good friends at Turtle Beach, we have some cash money prizes to spice up the competition!

Good luck everyone, who will take out these coveted awards, not to mention the following great prizes:

Best and Fairest Xbox - $100.00

Best and Fairest PS3 - $100.00

Best goal submitted for PS3 & Xbox combined - $150.00

Good luck to all !

For those of you playing FIFA and interested in joining an online FIFA club. Recruitment contacts are as follows:

Xbox GT - Scaffarro v, or email: scaffaro_69@hotmail.com
PS3 GT – Syrian or email him on syrian2nv@hotmail.com




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Jun 16 2013 07:55 AM
With the return involving Mourinho, Lampard plus Terry, the good old adult males on line could while in the subsequent time to be reused, additionally , it would make your frequent you should not take into account your move to your rebirth, plus get pleasure from this kind of not having significant activities belonging to the the summer months. discount football jerseys This does certainly not, the particular Western world tour merely broken shortly, Lampard needed the fiancee Kristen got that will The world plus Ibiza isle holiday resort. Since the 2011 June proposed, has achieved age 34 Lampard plus the partner plus is at not any rush for getting betrothed, these people pursue to take advantage of the sugary 2 earth. Got towards the isle involving Ibiza, 2 people additionally certainly not with Lampard plus the kids, they'll get more hours plus opportunity to talk to each other for just a complete time mutually the particular "trial", diligently enable. In most sites, 2 people still be liberal plus sensible holding palms, wholesale football jerseys and when their own high-class yachts that will slightly faraway from shore position, Lampard started out that will "look diligently ferocious", boat little by little stopped, Lampard isn't going to say to be in sunbathing, with both of your hands about the hull, being dressed in dark eyeglasses plus eyes when if your 2 injection great lighting. Ahead of time I like Kristen Lang ripe, see Lampard ahead of time in the woman estimated activity, the particular corners belonging to the lips upwards your radian, observing the particular uncertain look he / she, little by little of this small kids finger that will Lampard's pussy lips, while the shape temps has fast grow, the skin steadily hot "lamp" entirely spellbound, while nevertheless ferocious face treatment period, however nevertheless sucking lips are living Kristen kids finger waist, with tooth that will bite, the particular hint belonging to the tongue that will riff upwards......
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she told a group of guests she’d invited to dinner at The Double Club, the London phenomenon underwritten by Miuccia Prada and designed by Carsten Höller, whose situationist installations have caught the imagination of Londoners since he designed coach factory a series of shute-tubes in the Tate Modern for the population and their kids to play on. Sevigny was there to check out http://savebigshopping.com/ the half-Congolese, half-Western setup and give friends, including Pat McGrath and Edward Enninful, James Kaliardos, Roland Mouret, and Katy England and her husband, Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, the heads-up on her new collection for Opening Ceremony. She’ll be back in the Double Club on Sunday to present a “men’s collection for women,” she was telling everyone. The wide-legged navy slouchy pants she was wearing really whet the appetite.—Sarah Mowerchris benz's athens diary style file Style.com
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Jun 17 2013 12:27 AM
After she stopped interning with David LaChapelle, Hatnim Lee started posting a blog showcasing her startlingly well-composed cell-phone photos and digital snapshots of sushi dinners, staged shots of preening hipsters, and dreamy images of Williamsburg at twilight. The images now form the basis of Coach coupons her solo show at DC’s Transformer gallery (which reinterprets her color-saturated snaps as large-scale prints) as well as the self-titled monograph that accompanies the exhibit. Although books and gallery recognition seem a step up from a blog, Lee attributes her productivity to the inspiration she got online. “I was motivated to get the blog up,” she explains. “I like capturing vulnerable moments. When a subject’s heart shakes hands with mine, it’s like being emotionally rock
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Nicky Haslam wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday
You would think when there were literally half a dozen parties going on last night in this town (a Sotheby’s opening, a Gagosian Gallery party, a Cartier dinner, etc. etc.), that space wouldn’t be an issue. Are there even that many people in London that can fill this many parties? Well, the answer, I found out the hard way, is yes. After schlepping all the way to coach factory East London—and I mean EAST—for the Fantastic Man party at Bistroteque, the man who opened the door of our taxi was polite enough to tell my and my fellow revelers (I had both Scarry sisters with me) to not even bother getting out of the car. They were at capacity, he explained, and weren’t letting anyone in, no exceptions. Fine. We stayed in the taxi (it would have been impossible to find another one) and headed to the next party: Lily Atherton and Gavin Brown’s shindig not far away. Same thing. But http://savebigshopping.com/ here, the lovely man at the door was running a one in, one out policy. Despite the queue and the (gasp!) pay bar, it was worth the wait. The lighting was dark—a good thing when you’ve been traipsing from party to party—and the performance from Man Like Me was just what the crowd wanted to hear. Said Adam McEwen, “I had a feeling this would be the party to be at. Gavin always does a good one.”—Derek BlasbergPhoto: Derek Blasbergblasblog from frieze: coach factory outlet online supermodel, super birthday celebration style file Style.com
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Jun 18 2013 12:55 AM
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Jun 18 2013 08:45 AM
es. Sometimes too much like reach a goal, will often run counter to one's desire."Evaluation for four situation, Wenger said the team cannot let down, because everything is not over: "nothing has been decided yet, it depends on our last round and Newcastle competition results. Even third are not ultimately produce. But I have confidence, because we have a long time under pressure of work experience."After the battle, A Senna game Wigan were relegated. To this, Wenger also expressed regret: "I said sorry for Vioka. They are a great team, playing entertaining football, there are a number of talented players. As long as the unite, I think they will return to the premier league. "However, the team in the game are not perfect, but did not complete the zero seals, he injured people worried. Wenger said at a news conference, cheap custom football jerseys he may have missed Sunday's ending: "he (he) leg appeared. Maybe we have to let Wilkshire playing, I don't know."Wenger expresses at the same time, he has started to prepare the next season: "the end of a season starts next season. But our current focus only on Sunday's game with Newcastle." According to Spanish radio Searl news, the Barcelona team the main goalkeeper Valdez has cheap youth football jerseys made it clear he left before the expiration of the contract the club's intention, he remained silent, but after Barcelona and his agent contact is already clear this problem, Valdez asked the summer transfer.Although no offer has arrived in Barcelona, but the club understood that Valdez has reached an agreement with a club. The management of Valdez Russell led the transfer income is expected to be 10000000 to 15000000 euros. Valdez had previously declared not and Barcelona contract, his current contract expires in June to 2014.It is reported, may in the Premier League or the French Valdez's future. Arsenal team hopes to introduce Valdez, on the other hand suddenly rise because of huge investment in Russia boss Monaco also wanted to sign the chin shaman will. Valdez did no

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Jun 18 2013 09:30 AM

, with Mourinho and Chelsea come together in the club this summer the reconstruction funds, "Daily Mail" and "mirror" more than once said, Abu has been the arrival of Mourinho ready one hundred million pound of gold, for the "madman" this summer in the transfer market acquisitions, as for the cheap football kits for teams candidate aspects in addition, still trying to Falcao (basic set to join Monaco), Cavani, xuerle and Fellaini is often referred to by name. In any case we trust, under the now internal United BOSS Ferguson retired, Manchester City shock environment, Mourinho led the "new Chelsea", must be on the new season of the Premier League's most powerful impact, you know, after a season of experience, Zal, Oscar, Azpilicueta etc. bright star has been in grow sturdily, this one old, young three generation with Chelsea under Mourinho, certainly will be the number one hot under the title. May 21st early morning Beijing time, Real Madrid officials announced that coach Mourinho will leave the club at the end of the season, and the British media reports have pointed out that, Mourinho has infinite close again coached Chelsea. "Mirror" the headline "notices Chelsea! Mourinho is no longer the "Real Madrid, they pointed out that Chelsea is now only need to wait cheap football kits uk until June 2nd to Real Madrid and Osasuna will be welcomed back Mourinho;" the guardian "said with Real Madrid confirmed Mourinho leave, Mourinho returns to Chelsea road in the barrier to clear has a smooth road, and that Chelsea would be in mid June Mourinho took office announced again."Daily Mail" write "special people (Mourinho) go! Mourinho will leave Real Madrid in June 1st, paved the return of Chelsea road -- he can ignore the пїЅпїЅ 17000000 penalty." "The sun" is only a corner in reported Mourinho's departure, Mourinho that they will be able to quickly and Chelsea together again. Real Madrid are in Dortmund out of the Champions League, Mourinho pointed out in the British independent radio interview, his return to England, the British

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Jun 18 2013 09:55 AM
That did not stop Patrick Peterson from scoring four touchdowns on punt returns for the Arizona Cardinals. It did not stop Aldon Smith from leading the San Francisco 49ers in sacks with 14. It did not prevent mid-round picks K.J. Wright wholesale soccer jerseys and Richard Sherman from becoming solid starters for the Seattle Seahawks.
"A third-round QB looks good against other rookies and undrafted players? Who would have thunk it?" he writes. "Not hating on Wilson at all, but there's way too much stock put in rookie minicamps. Is it September yet?"
It's definitely not September, but it's never too early for keeping things in their proper perspective.
Perhaps 2014 world cup soccer jerseys these rookies would have enjoyed even greater success with some additional on-field prep time in the spring. This year, I'll be interested in revisiting some of the rookie camp storylines to see which ones, if any, proved helpful.
TheFault17 makes a welcome point after reading about Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson making a positive impression during rookie minicamps over the weekend.
Bruce Miller, a seventh-round pick from Central Florida, became the 49ers' starting fullback despite playing defensive end in college. Then there was undrafted free agent Doug Baldwin, who led the Seahawks in receiving.
A year ago, the NFL lockout led teams wholesale soccer jerseys to cancel offseason camps entirely.

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back off the ball, Chelsea quickly hit back, Oscar ball to the left, Mata in the restricted area inside edge of her long-range, the ball seems to be out of the bottom line, but at the met Phil Jones after the body, a ball to play to the net post. With the only goal of the game, authentic soccer jerseys the blues away get the precious 3 points.The data from the point of view, the game, Mata has shot 4 times, 3 times out of the threat of the ball, this seemingly ordinary, but don't forget, the only goal of the game came from Mata's wholesale jerseys from china "assists". The ball, the Premier League after the explanation says, because the horse tower shot direction is not meant to be counted as a goal, so Phil Jones's own, that is to say, if not met Jones, the ball will offset the doorframe. However, Ma tower still had 1 assists in the premier official statistics. After the game, "Sky Sports" as Mata hit 7 points -- but this is the one and only the highest score in the game. Coach Benitez said after the game: "Mata is a good player, he has changed the game intelligence and ability." Game against Manchester United, for the Chelsea defender David Lewis, and have no good memories. 2 years ago, is also near the end of the season, Lewis's mistakes led directly to the Chelsea lost the title last hope. After 2 years at Old Trafford, but Lewis with his performance, the initiative to Chelsea for the Champions League places firmly grasp in the hands.And the last few games, today, Lewis served as the Chelsea defender. Third minutes of the game, his record accurate long pass found in front of the Mata Mata in, and Ramirez with oblique hanging box, but the hill - BA did not handle. In the defense, now Lewis has composed many. Several scenes: a remarkable is the thirty-second minute of the match, Manchester United played against Van Persie, facing forward, Lewis did not rush to your legs, but the side of the direction of each other, a steady retreat, and other teammates regression defensive position, results, united the attack did no

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Jun 18 2013 11:26 AM
Hugh Hefner is denying rumors that he wants to add Ukrainian model Dasha Astafieva to his trio of live-in girlfriends. Apparently the Hefster abides by the
. Hair by Ward for Bumble and Bumble. Styled by Annabel Tollman. What on earth? Who is this “unknown” designer, Tony Cohen? How did he get Iekeliene Stange to open his show? As it turns out, throughout much of Europe, the Amsterdam-based Cohen is far savebigshopping.com from unknown. That said, even Tollman had no idea who Cohen was when his people coach factory online called her people for a pre-fashion week meet and greet. “It was an interesting project,” she said, “because on the one hand, I was showing Tony the ropes of New York fashion week because he’s never shown here before. But on the other hand, you know, he’s a total pro.” Along with Cohen’s digitally printed, fluidly draped dresses and cropped shearling bombers, the other must-haves on his runway were all Tollman’s legwork—literally. The opaque, satin-finish tights from Wolford coach factory online demanded to be bought and worn immediately. “Too bad,” Tollman sighed. “They’re discontinued. I think it’s entirely possible that we tracked down the last existing pairs. We called pretty much every Wolford store in the United States to find them. I think the ones we got came from Georgia. Or maybe Chicago. Or maybe both.” Holland, Georgia, Chicago—apparently, more than a few good things come from far away.—Maya SingerPhoto: Dan LeccaA Trio's All Hef Can Handle. Awww. style file Style.com

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