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Battlefield 4 Screening 16/07/2013

ESGN at the Moore Park BF4 Preview

About a month ago EA Australia sent out invites to attend both a Q&A session and a preview with David Silverman (International Director of Marketing for EA) for the upcoming release of BF4.

First we were fed popcorn and shown how EA is focusing on the campaign and how they will draw us in. EA want us to feel for the characters in the story and squad mates beside you, we were shown examples of the motion capture and animation on the big screen at Hoyts Moore Park, the preview we’ve all seen from E3 does not do this justice! This EA hired real actors and built the actual sets that the game takes place in so that every squint of the eye, every eyebrow twitch, every shudder of the lip was acted out in real life in that situation. This meant that animators have not had to guess at what the actor looks like when he or she is delivering the emotionally driven dialog, it’s all captured at the same time.

David talked a little about the new frostbite upgrades but then we got to see it in action. Even though most of you reading this would have seen a demo video of “Angry Seas”, one of the first levels in BF4’s campaign, we were treated to a path differing from the E3 demo. Watching the ship break apart, all the lighting as wires sparked inside the guts of the ship and the way that environments can be used really felt like everything was acting the way it should. Aircraft roll off the deck, debris scatters naturally and the explosions! Wow! I can’t say enough about the explosion caused from shooting an aircraft bomb as it rolled into the enemy, with the plume of black smoke rising into the air and the fireball bellowing out from the middle. Also all of the detruction that you’ve seen in released videos, Tanks falling through roads, entire skyscrapers collapsing, that is all handled in real time and after it all collapses, you’ll be fighting in the rubble.

Now it was time to grill David Silverman with the questions we wanted answered, first on the list was about vehicles, the gunboat we saw in the demo seemed quite useful and the waves add a new dynamic to oceanic warfare. While he was tight lipped about exact details he did mention that anything that was enjoyed from the expansions in BF3 will most likely make BF4 and without saying it directly hinted towards dirt bikes being among them but assuring that all our old favourites will be there.

I personally wanted to know more about the commander mode that hasn’t been seen since BF2, I found out that commanders will have live feeds if playing on console or PC as well as VOIP support much the same as in BF2 where commanders would speak to squad leaders and then squad leaders would pass the information onto squaddies but again he was tight lipped about what abilities the commander will have exactly. On tablet there will be a live top down view of the battlefield and while a player cannot be on console and on tablet on one battle log account at the same time, you could easily be playing on console and your friend with their own battle log account could be playing next to you in the same game on a tablet.

While we have all heard that 64 player support will be a feature on the consoles I noticed that although Xbox One and PS4 Support was noted there was a lack of PS3 and Xbox 360 in that list which leads me to believe, and this is my speculation, that 64 players will be for next gen consoles and PC only. On that note Rush, Team Death match and Conquest are confirmed for multiplayer but there was hints at game types that we haven’t seen before making an appearance.

Last but not least there will be a Beta for those that purchased Medal of Honour but also for those that have BF3 Premium so if you haven’t upgraded yet and didn’t buy MOH you may consider getting your account upgraded. My excitement is renewed for this game and it’ll be interesting to see how it all balances out in the end. I’ll keep on top of it and get details to ESGN as it arrives.

Many thanks to EA Australia and Jiggsy for the invite!



Thanks Disco for the write up!

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